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Targeting Specific Fish

If you want to target a specific species of fish then
I will direct my efforts toward catching that fish.

Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Tripletail Etc.
Most of the time my clients want to target the big "bull' Redfish. Sometimes the Redfish are biting, other times the Speckled Trout are biting, but I will try to get you what you want, the more fishing experience you  have, the more fish you will catch and the more fishing spots we can explore. Most of the time we come back to the dock with an ice chest full of both, Redfish and Speckled Trout, and why not some Flounder, White Trout, or Tripletail too!

Creel limit for Redfish in Mississippi waters is 3 per person and the slot is 18" to 30 ". You may keep only 1 over 30" but it will go toward your limit of 3.

Creel limit for Speckled Trout in Mississippi waters is 15 per person and minimum length 13".

Creel limit for Flounder  in Mississippi waters is 15 per person and minimum length 12".

Creel limit for Tripletail in Mississippi waters is 3 per person and minimun length 13"

If you want a thrilling experience plan now to take advantage of the mighty Cobia, also known as the “lemon fish”. As experienced charter boat captain will know how to navigate the coastal waters of Mississippi to increase your chance of hooking this most popular game fish as it seeks out warming water temperatures. We know that structures such as markers, oil rigs, ships, and even other large fish, often serve as places where the cobia can feel protected. As your captain will keep a keen eye around these favorite haunts to help you hook one of these ferocious fighters. You will have a game fishing experience to remember and tasty cobia steaks to take home.

Cobia are good game fish and weigh an average twenty to forty pounds, but some of the big bruisers weigh as much one hundred pounds, with sixty pounds and up being considered a big catch. This muscular fish, which is often mistaken for a shark by even experienced anglers, can put up quite a fight. The action begins with a hit and then the line starts screaming off the reel. Your captain will be sure you have the appropriate tackle and gear for the anticipated challenge of reeling in this hard fighting fish. Then use caution bringing the cobia on board as it has seven to ten spines along its back that normally lie down, but protrude when the fish is threatened and can produce severe injury to an unsuspecting angler. This is another time when you will appreciate the experience of your captain and first mate.

Creel limit for Cobia in Mississippi waters is 2 per person and minimun length 33"

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